Psoy Korolenko and Polina Shepherd: The Stranniki. 12 декабря. Los Gatos

psoy_lg2016RSJ Community Program invites you to a special concert with Psoy Korolenko and Polina Shepherd “SHLEPPING THE STEPPES AND THE SHTETL”!
Where: APJCC in Los Gatos (14855 Oka Rd, Los Gatos, California 95032)
When: Monday, December 12 at 7 PM – 9:30 PM
An “avant bard” & “wandering scholar” Psoy Korolenko (Russia/US) & an etherial singer Polina Shepherd (Russia/UK) present their take on the Wandering Jew and the Russky Brodyaga (Vagabond).

Ticket price: Seniors $20; General Admission $30; at the door $40

Psoy Korolenko & Polina Shepherd have both been at the forefront of the international Ashkenazi music scene for many years. After a mini tour in NY in 2015, the duo is now coming to the West coast w/ a new program The Wondrerers – The Stranniki.

The new collaboration defines original & fresh repertoire based on their original Yiddish and Russian songs as well as multilingual interpretations & translations. They create a balance between serious listening and popular music, avant-garde & classics, folklore, chamber music, theater song & cabaret, reflecting the multi-cultural and international nature of diverse world & Jewish cultures. Rooted in Russian and Yiddish folk, their multilingual journey starts in the Steppes and the Shtetl, then takes us to the new world and other planets.

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