Tchaikovsky’s Birthday Party. April 25. SF.

chaikov1Let us welcome you to Tchaikovsky’s Birthday Party!
April 25th at The Russian Center of San Francisco from 1 pm to 1 am
We will have fun filled day for the whole family. Please note that this event is not a tribute to Tchaikovsky! Of course there will plenty of action to commemorate this iconic composer but nevertheless this is not an event that is solely dedicated to his heritage. Instead we invited many talented people from all over Northern California to come together in a great celebration of art.

The festival will start with children’s programming including gymnastics, dance, music, and other performances.

Midday will combine various classical arts with other genres. Here you will enjoy ballet, opera, theater, classical music along with Russian romance and a short set dedicated to Alexander Vertinsky.

Program as follows:

Part ONE – Children’s Program
1) Nino Vdovicenco – Rhythmic Gymnastics Club
30 gymnasts / Music: Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the flowers and Polonaise from Eugene Onegin; Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan and American music.
2) 1st Russian ballet school:
Salome Kharadze – Spanish dance from “Nutcracker”, music by Tchaikovsky
Alexis Altshuler – “Variation ” music by Chopin.
Rachael McAllister – Variation from Sleeping beauty “, music by Tchaikovsky
Salome Kharadze – “Variation” music by Ludwig Minkus.
Alexis Altshuler – “Variation” music by Franc Shubert.
Intermission – 10 min.
3) Daniel Strebulaev : (piano)
Bach’s Minuet
Tchaikovsky – Waltz
Schuman – “The Happy Farmer”
4) Lillia Butenko : (piano )
Vivaldi – Four Seasons “Spring ”
5) Salome Kharadze: (piano)
6) Nick Jurkevich – (Violin)
7) Students of Inna Brodskaya
1. Paulina Lushova
– Thaikovsky, excerpt from the ballet “Nutcracker”
– Ogiński. Polonaise
2. Simon Taibach
– Liszt. Nocturne.
– Chopin. Nocturne.
8) Diego Ramill: (piano)
Chopin, Beethoven, Argentine Tango
Intermission – 10 min.
1) Fantasy Dance Studio:
1. * “Magic Mischief” Ballet Class Ages 11-12
2. * “Spring Flowers” Ages 6-7
3. * “Charleston” Ages 11-12
4. * “The Bremen Musicians” Ages 3-4
5. * “Penguins Dance” Ages 4-5
6. * “The Princesses” Ages 6-7
7. * “Tarantella” Ages 11-12
2) Alexey Prokoshin : To be announced
Intermission – 20 min.
Part TWO – Adult Program
1) Olga Medvedko (soprano) and Maria Aliakrinskaia (mezzo-soprano) – the repertoire includes Russian romances, folk songs as well as contemporary popular songs.
2) Julia Zharova – “improvisation” music by Tchaikovsky
3) Matthew Auerbach: Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in D-flat major, Op. 32, No. 13.
4) Irina Brodskaya : Poetry / Romance
Intermission – 20 min.
1) Paul Belasky: songs by Paul Belasky (himself), Alexander Vertinsky, and Joseph Brodsky.
2) Irina Martineau: sings retro songs from the repertoire of Izabella Yurieva and Petr Leschenko
Intermission – 20 min.
1) Olga Chernisheva, Soprano / Anna Yelizarova, Mezzo-Soprano / Matthew Auerbach, Piano
Tchaikovsky Duets:
Duet of Tatyana and Olga from Eugene Onegin
Duet of Prilepa and Milovzor from Queen of Spades
Duet of Lisa and Polina from Queen of Spades
Slezy Lyudskiye

Olga- Aria of Iolanta from Iolanta by Tchaikovsky
Anna- Olga’s Aria from Eugene Onegin by Tchaikovsky.

2) Maria Borozina: Tchaikovsy
Alexander Zeyliger / baritone, Irina Behrendt / piano
Mariya Borozina / violin, Irina Behrendt piano

Lounge Hour at the Gold Room

Band “Open Embrace” – Jazz and Tango
Piano/vocal Lena Grozman
Violin Lena Gelfor
Bass Lana Rymareva
Percussion Danny Boxer
Saxophone Victor Rivkin

In the night hour we will have live rock ’n’ roll headlining SF’s own Russian Solution following with a DJ dance party featuring DJ Ze’ev Volchegroovesky

Come join us in this great festival of life!

More information and tickets here:

Information on night party is here: (one ticket is good for both events!)

See you there!

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