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    Владимир Витковский представляет: Семен Липкович. 28 июля


    Jul 7, 2018

    Когда – Saturday, July 28 at 2 PM – 8 PM
    Где – Vitkovsky Fine Art, 3404 Balboa Street, San Francisco, California 94121

    “Where have I seen these images? These houses, embankments with unforgettable grilles? They are lingering on somewhere in my memories and in my dreams. Nothing has endured reality…they existed some time ago, in Leningrad –a shadow –city of the past age, past life.”

    Vladimir and Semion share some of these common themes; both were born in the same city but one is now an artist in Israel, and the other, in US. They will be sharing a studio for one day. Enjoy the quirky & soulful characters brought to life by these two artists. We promise: beautiful art, fun people and limitless wine. You promise us to be there?

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