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    Итальянские дневники. Выставка работ Наташи Фуко. 28 августа.


    Aug 13, 2016

    NatashaGallery21Wearable Art presentation at 5PM
    How many people do you know that literally walked the heels off their boots in the South of France in search of artistic inspiration? Natasha Foucault has made her name in the silk painting world for her masterful landscapes, still lives, and figurative work. She works from photographs and sketches gathered during her extensive travel adventuresaround the world. She finds Venice, with its numerous opportunities for painting water and reflections, to be a favorite subjectfor her paintings. Her wearable art clothing often echoes images from the work of beloved artists like Kandinsky and Klimt. Natasha received her art training at the Moscow Art Institute, Russia’s most prestigious art school. She has worked exclusively in the medium of painting on silk for over twenty-five years.

    Samovar Hall, 1077 Independence Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043

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