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    Maslenitsa. The Beginning. 12 февраля


    Feb 1, 2018

    Carnival Мaсленица, Масниця or Pancake week is an ancient western tradition that anticipates Lent.
    Since Lent prohibits any celebrations Monday is the welcoming day of “Lady Maslenitsa.”
    (Hint: on Tuesday, young men search for a fiancée to marry after Lent).
    Rum&Sugar invites you to finish your Monday right by coming over to R&S and join our Maslenitsa day.

    Pancakes with salmon, sour cream, and condensed milk (sgushenochka!) for dessert.
    We have quite a few cocktails to pair pancakes (or blinchiki) with, so let the fest begin!
    When – Monday at 7 PM – 10 PM
    Where – Rum&Sugar,Geary 823, San Francisco, California 94109

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